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A&M has been able to manage, market, and staff a cosmetic surgery practice since 2013. We are proud to be part of this opportunity with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. A&M successfully designed a business plan, marketing plan, and finally staffed the medical center with experienced individuals. We have been able to grow the business by strategic marketing plans to develop a marketing budget over time and eventually attack the market in which they are now the leader in plastic surgery with a strong brand.

Our team has been able to grow the business  from its inception pre-revenue to Multi Million Dollar annual  revenue since 2013.

&M knows when, how, and where to market. We have successfully branded the organization by presenting it on over 20 Billboards, on TV channels, Radio channels, and Magazines.

Our effective marketing plan has generated over 12000 leads per year for the center. Our Marketing team has adapted to the new era of online marketing and keeps its self  very up to date with its new trends in order to have the lowest cost in customer/patient acquisition.

Strategic Development 
Leadership and Management 
Aggressive Marketing and Strategic price and offer designs 
Business Analysis 


A&M has been able to develop an ambulatory surgical center for a group of  physicians. We understand the importance of having a surgical facility and as a result we have been  part of the renovation, upgrades and design since its inception. We understand the requirements of a surgical facility and how important it is to be efficient. Our team of consultants were able to successfully obtain an AAAASF accreditation for the facility by providing and generating all necessary documents to meet its standards.

A&M has created a board of directory, in which it held meetings regarding risk management and preventative measures applicable to the surgical center. Our  team of experts have been able to provide credentialing documents required for providers to become staff at the hospital.

Staff training for HIPPA, Compliance, and OSHA
Surgical equipment lease and purchase
Surgical and anesthesia inventory management


A&M was part of a Podiatry office expansion project in 2012, for expanding as stand-alone offices and satellite offices. A&M was able to expand the Podiatry clinic up to 5 total locations

Staffed and trained the employees
Tracked financials
Implemented marketing strategies 
Increased its annual revenue by 100%


A&M has proudly through one of our consultants developed a Medical Spa to perform skincare, laser treats and medical grade facials.

A&M has been  part of the business and marketing plan since 2013. We have now implemented the new tends such as PRP, Micro-needling, and Fibroblast systems to the practice.

Purchase of required equipment
Essential business needs and  setup


Over the years we have been able to manage medical buildings for its day to day operation such as building updates, generator maintenance, building signage, medical equipment maintenance, certification, compliance, liability and protection.Over the years we have been able to manage medical buildings for its day to day operation such as building updates, generator maintenance, building signage, medical equipment maintenance, certification, compliance, liability and protection.

We currently manage multiple medical properties.


A&M completed all operational needs of the dental facility and has open its doors in 2019. Our team has been responsible for ordering and financing the  equipments and instruments, developing a marketing plan,over seeing the staffing  process as well as day to day operations.A&M was not only hired for construction management of the dental office it was also responsible to design  its business plan and marketing plan. The construction for the dental facility was successfully completed with appropriate permits.

A&M completed all operational needs of the dental facility; Logo  Design, Branding, Marketing Material, Signage, Merchant account, Third party financing solutions, and Website design.

A&M has successfully trained the staff of the office to be able to use the softwares, and has implemented inventory control management solutions for the practice.

A&M successfully completed the credentialing process of the office and the Doctor with the insurance payers, enforced liability insurance policies for the practice and the Doctor.

Our teams goal is to expand operation to multiple locations
Practice is designed with EMR and expandable systems




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